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ECM Contribution

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Your contribution will go towards supporting Emmanuel City Mission at South Brisbane, who provide a welcoming space to to feed, clothe and help the vulnerable in Brisbane.

Each week we visit Emmanuel City Mission to deliver our Cocoa Rogue coffee beans and offer Barista Training to visitors and volunteers. Trainees and volunteers are able to practice their skills and gain confidence, while also assisting ECM offer complimentary espresso made coffees as a small luxury for visitors and volunteers to enjoy.

ECM is open 7 days a week, and the coffee beans we donate are used to brew delicious espresso coffees for visitors and staff each every day.

We also provide ECM with a range of other products that are used by their amazing team and fantastic volunteers. These include items such as cups to serve coffees, paper bowls for cereal, takeaway containers to prepare and serve the daily hot meals, and products to use for cleaning. Your contribution will go towards these products that are essential for the day to day operation of ECM.

We truly appreciate and value any one time or ongoing contributions you are able to make to support ECM.

You can learn more about Emmanuel City Mission or donate directly here.

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