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Aerolatte Milk Frother


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Make beautiful frothed milk for coffee the easy way using the AeroLatte Milk Frother!

It’s a lightweight, quick, and easy to use tool that’s great at making smooth frothed milk for coffees, hot chocolates or chai.

The frother has non-beverage uses as well, such as mixing custards, sauces, or even whipping meringues!

AeroLatte Milk Frother Basic Instructions:

  • Fill 1/3 of a tall mug or milk jug with warm milk (or use cold milk for a cold drinks)
  • Insert the AeroLatte whisking head at a slight angle into the milk
  • Froth for about 20 seconds, slowly stirring the whisking head around the milk
  • Switch off the AeroLatte before removing from the milk

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