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Francisca – Nueva Frontera, Honduras

Francisca is a 35 year old single mother with five children. She lives with her family near the town of Nueva Frontera in Honduras. She started growing and selling coffee in 2010, and has been selling her coffee to brokers in the area since.

Francisca would like to make improvements to her farming practices in order to increase her sales. She would like to buy more supplies to plant a larger coffee crop, as well as hire labour to help prepare her farm for the new crops. She hopes that after completing these improvements, her farm will be larger and that the increased production will help improve her family’s quality of life.

Thanks to our coffee drinkers like Peta from Belmont, we were able to support Francisca by contributing to her loan request through Kiva. With every cup of Renegade Roasters’ coffee, you’re able to help support the dreams of coffee growers and their families around the world.

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