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Ethically sourced is an approach, not a certification

We’ve always roasted ethically sourced coffee. It ensures that a wider range of factors is considered including worker’s rights, environmental impact and that farmer’s receive a fair price for their harvest.

We know our coffees are ethically sourced because we take the time to have conversations with our green bean distributors and traders. We ensure our distributors have relationships with the farmers who grow our coffees, giving us the confidence that all coffee we roast is ethically sourced. We’ve sourced coffees from individual farmers and even had representatives from Ipanema Coffees, one of our coffee farms, visit our Moorooka Roastery.

Our range of coffees has always been (and always will be) naturally grown, pesticide free, and therefore organic. This type of production is exactly what the organic certification represents and stands for – to protect us from harmful substances being used.

However, obtaining an organic certification requires a significant effort and investment, of which many farmers cannot afford the time and money to do. With this being the case, we’ve made a change in our stamps and messaging to reflect the difficulty and cost for coffee growers to achieve organic certification, and share our passion for ethically sourced coffee.

The quality of the coffee hasn’t changed, only our stamp has.

We’re committed to continue sourcing, roasting and promoting coffees that are ethically sourced, high quality, and delicious.

We’re so grateful for the continued support of our coffee drinkers and Cafe Family. We trust you’ll continue to help us raise awareness about ethically sourced coffee.

Beck and Rhys
Renegade Team

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